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Business case and proof of concept services

Helping you build a business case for RFID adoption

Proving that RFID integration is the right direction for your business requires a lot of analysis and consideration. In addition to helping you build a business case and ROI calculator, ITL will also provide a proof of concept trial to determine the cost vs. benefit of adoption.

A Proof of Concept (POC) is available to those retailers wishing to trial Reflect RFID in one of their stores.

The turnkey implementation has minimal impact on existing systems and processes and offers store managers the opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience of RFID.

What's included?

• Reflect RFID
• RFID Tags
• RFID Scanner (mobile and/or fixed)
• RFID Printer/Encoder
• Implementation, training and support for 3 month trial period

The Proof of Concept can be implemented at a single store with a limited range of garments in order to validate assumptions built into the business case analysis.