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Concept & Development

Global technical expertise throughout the product development process

When your business decides to launch a new range or embark on an image update, we know the challenges you face in developing a product that meets with brand expectations but remains affordable and ready for global call off in time to catch those crucial in-store dates.

Whilst we might not be able to make this process disappear completely, we do believe in making it as easy as possible for you. Appreciating the need to get it right first time, ITL places great emphasis in supporting our customers with strong developmental expertise, global capabilities and unique solutions - all aimed at lightening the load and providing you with a proactive process of choice and timely completion.

Technical Expertise

Sometimes you just need to work directly with someone who understands and can interpret your concept directly. Someone who understands how the product is made and can intuitively guide you through the process rather than take your brief and just pass it on internally.

ITL prides itself on making these experts directly available to our customers. Experts who know the products inside-out and can share their knowledge so that you end up with the right solution, right from the start. They then become your go-to person throughout the process and ensure that what you wanted is what you get. Sounds easy right? Well at ITL we think it should be!

Contact your local marketing team now to learn more about how you can make use of our in-house woven, heat transfer, litho and variable data experts.

Practical Product Guides

Not sure exactly what you want and looking for a little bit of guidance and inspiration? Produced by our technical experts, our range of practical product guides are designed to support your selection process and help you choose a product that meets quality, availability and cost expectations.

Virtual proofing and visualisation

Designed to give you greater choice and aid quicker selection decisions within your business, ITL has introduced a series of virtual proofing solutions for our woven labels, promotional tickets and packaging developments.

Not sure if the logo needs to be in blue or the background in a light or dark grey? Perhaps you want to present your options for internal sign off but don’t have time to wait for samples to agree on final direction. Our visualisers provide realistic, accurate representations that allow you to choose your preferred options and make live changes, even incorporating how the labels would look in or on your chosen product - saving time and taking the stress out of waiting for those physical samples to come in because much of the decision making has already been done!

Vertical Manufacturing Capabilities

A key feature of our development strength lies in our vertical manufacturing capabilities. As well as having a broad range of printing and weaving technologies at our fingertips, we also control a large number of our own pre-production processes including the ability to dye our own yarns, weave our own substrates and produce our own ribbons, bows and many other attachments.

This fully integrated solution not only gives us greater control over our quality, sampling times and competiveness, it also gives us an innovational edge with the ability to create some really exciting fabrics, finishes and qualities that you won’t find anywhere else.