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Optimum Performance in Varying end use Environments

All ITL's RFID labels incorporate Alien inlays which are World Tag compliant, enabling operation across the diverse frequencies of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Each label is powered by Alien® Higgs™ 4 Integrated Circuits with antennas designed for optimum performance in varying end use environments.

The RFID inlay used in the construction of this adhesive label may also be converted into a customized ticket format, specific to each customer’s requirements.


Suited to cosmetics and other smaller metal or metalized objects


Designed to be particularly effective with handhelds or other low power readers


Delivers outstanding performance and reliability for apparel applications where garments are tightly packed on shelves or on hangers


Optimized for high volume apparel applications requiring a smaller form factor label


Optimized for high volume apparel applications