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Integrated Products and Solutions

From promotional labels through to product identification solutions, ITL specialises in enhancing your brand image and helping you to share essential information about your products.

Whether you are a retailer, brand owner or garment manufacturer, our integrated range of products and solutions is designed to support your needs throughout the supply chain and ensure that whatever you need from your labels, you can count on us to make it happen.

Because Service Matters

At ITL, we understand the challenges you face in bringing your product to point of sale and the importance of supporting you with reliable and efficient management of your requirements.

From initial developments through to bulk production, our goal is to simplify the entire process so that your labels are always produced in the fastest possible time-scales. By providing technical guidance and a suite of development services, we help ensure correct and timely interpretation of your briefs whilst the combination of robust systems and effective planning allows us to provide best in class production lead times throughout all of our manufacturing locations.

Consistent quality on a global basis

With tighter lead times pressurising the supply chain more than ever before, it’s essential that customers receive the correct product first time, every time.

ITL's quality commitment is underpinned by a range of systems and processes that focus on managing our programs to the highest standard including internal raw material production, global automated data integration and template management, provision of internal lab facilities and the adoption of high level global quality management systems.

Ethics and Compliance

ITL operates under strict group compliance guidelines and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the authorities wherever we operate. All of our factories adhere to international third party audit expectations and have a zero tolerance policy towards child labour, discrimination and any form of corruption.

Social Responsibility

In addition to our corporate ethical compliance policies, ITL regularly engages in voluntary social responsibility initiatives within the communities where we operate.

We have undertaken a number of community schemes over the years including support towards the building of new school buildings in areas affected by low education, the provision of regular health screenings for people with poor access to medical treatment and funding towards relief projects following natural disasters such as the Sri-Lankan Tsunami in 2004.

A Sustainable Approach

As part of our sustainability policy, ITL is committed to minimising our impact on the environment. This evolving process includes the responsible disposal of waste, efficient use of natural resources and the reduction of raw material wastage in our production processes.

In addition to this, we are actively engaged in introducing more sustainable solutions to our customers including availability of a wider range of recycled raw materials, pro-active elimination of hazardous finishing processes and continued engagement on value-engineering projects that can deliver reduced cost and impact on our environment.

Established Track Record

With over 35 years experience, ITL is well positioned to react to the ever changing needs of our market. We have encountered some of the most profound changes including the evolution of global sourcing, the impact of on-line retailing on consumer behaviour and the resulting effects on the apparel supply chain.

Throughout these times, ITL has continued to grow with a forward thinking vision and the ability to meet customers’ requirements with value added, partnership driven solutions.