Our CEO wins two Business Worldwide Magazine 2020 CEO Awards


Our CEO wins two Business Worldwide Magazine 2020 CEO Awards

Please join us in congratulating our CEO, Chris Currie, for winning two Business Worldwide 2020 CEO Awards for his excellent work in helping businesses stay competitive in challenging times. Chris was named Best CEO | Global Labeling and Packaging Industry & Most Innovative CEO of the Year – South Africa

The awards seek to identify and honour the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe from a variety of different sectors. Unlike many business awards that focus on the overall companies’ success, here the spotlight is individuals who make the corporations tick– namely senior executives such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and senior-level management. The intention is to give worthy individuals the recognition they deserve, using their example to inspire others to achieve similar success.

In an interview with Business Worldwide Magazine, Chris discussed the company’s successes to date and its role in helping businesses survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chris comes from a finance background and was attracted to ITL Group by its strong values and a clear commitment to helping businesses adapt to changing times. Since then, he has steered the company through impressive and sustainable growth, and it is now one of the most highly respected labelling companies in the world. ITL Group now produces over 4 billion labels across 10 different product lines and supplies 5 solution offerings for over 100 different apparel retailers across the world. Its products are made to order across the world with each bespoke order manufactured consistently within a few days.

The advent of Coronavirus presents the biggest challenge that many business leaders have ever seen, but Chris and his team have helped their customer weather the storm.

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the labelling and retail industries, which are largely based upon discretionary spending by consumers out shopping. But through strong close relationships with shareholders, Chris and his team of high performing business experts understood the need to accept the reality, adapt and take impactful steps very early on. Together they have been able to rapidly adapt to the changing times and find solutions that protect businesses, both now and in the future.

Chris explained what winning the awards mean to him: “I am humbled to have been included in this process and feel honoured to have received recognition for the achievements we have made at the ITL Group; a business I am very proud to be a part of.”

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