ITL announces its ITL Roadshow in Germany

ITL Germany

ITL announces its ITL Roadshow in Germany where brands can delve into ITL’s world of labels and packaging

After opening a Marketing & Sales office in Bochum (DEU) earlier this year, ITL will embark on a month-long journey across Germany in October. The Roadshow sees the company invite German brands to step into the world of ITL and discover how ITL can support their needs throughout the supply chain and ensure that whatever they need from their labels, they can count on ITL to make it happen.

Upon entering the Mobile Showroom, brands will delve into ITL’s world of labels and packaging. They’ll explore how ITL can enhance their brand image, help share essential information about their products, speed up the development process all whilst delivering on-brand end-results that meet commercial expectations.
They will also be introduced to ITL’s integrated range of products including branded and variable data labels along with practical solutions such as Concept & Development, Trends & Insights and RFID, means retailers, brand owners or garment manufacturers can all benefit from partnering with ITL.

“We want to show our customers how we do things at ITL… Our entrepreneurial customer-focused culture means that we do things slightly differently to the more structured corporate businesses. This Roadshow is a first for the labelling and packaging industry. We are excited to showcase our products, solutions and expertise in a new innovative way.” Stefan Linz, Senior Sales Manager ITL Northern Europe.
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