ITLOOK – A Fresh Look at Fashion and Creativity


ITLOOK – A Fresh Look at Fashion and Creativity

After launching our new brand identity earlier this year, we are excited to reveal our first Fashion & Creativity Magazine: ITLook.

Profound changes in Fashion retail are set to radically affect what we buy and how we buy it. As a result, ITLook delves into the key topics at the heart of this transformation and highlights the industry changes required in order to survive.

At the heart of ITLook is creativity, innovation and sustainability. ITL’s CEO Fred Christopher explains: “ITLook reflects upon our view of the world we work in. We want to showcase our customers and their views on important matters whilst using our expertise and network to share note-worthy articles and vibrant photography. We want ITLook to be seen as a trusted source of inspiration and creativity.”

ITLook will become a regular yearly publication.

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