Integrated online ordering platform

LabelVantage™ is ITL’s proprietary supply chain application and the engine that drives our business.

It ensures the integrity and accuracy of what we produce and guarantees that what you send us is what we produce
– wherever you need it.

Why LabelVantage™


100% Owned

LabelVantage™ is owned and maintained internally by ITL with central management and platform developments being carried out by our dedicated and experienced MIS team in Cape Town, South Africa.


Supports Your Needs

The system is scalable and tailored directly to individual retailer requirements. We can and offen do build in additional functionality according to the needs of our customers.



LabelVantage™ is at the heart of our global operations and drives not only our order entry but also our variable data print formatting, delivery scheduling and invoice functions.



Every ITL manufacturing site and sales office globally uses LV for all customer programs. Understanding of the system is widespread amongst our staff which minimises mistakes and speeds up customer set-up process.


Think Global, Act Local

“Ownership” of the LabelVantage™ application for each customer program is undertaken by the region in which the retailer originates.

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