Your label is your brand, put it in safe hands


New Look: Your label is your brand, put it in safe hands

Introducing the new ITL brand identity
Fashion retail is entering a new era where every aspect of the supply chain will be scrutinised. It is therefore essential that ITL’s brand identity remains both relevant and aligned with the needs of our customers.
Whilst service through agility will always remain at the core of our offer, we recognise that continued success requires the ability to adapt and evolve.

Our re-brand reflects our scope of products and services’ expansion along with our ability to help customers achieve their goals and meet the needs of the wider market.

As a result, we introduced orange in our primary colours to pin point our more creative and lively approach.
In addition, our new logo built from the dots and strokes found in a QR code highlights the importance technology and digitalisation plays in the new ITL.
Finally, we introduced a new tag-line Intelligent Label Solutions to reflect these changes and new ways of thinking.

Creativity and technology take a front seat in our revised brand identity
As we all navigate our way through what is likely to be the most challenging periods in the Fashion Retail industry, we see creativity, innovation and sustainability throughout the supply chain as core to the success of a fashion brand

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Your Label is your brand, put it in safe hands.

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