Reflect RFID

Reflect RFID

ITL’s Scalable Cloud Based Software Application

Scalable and easy to deploy, ReflectRFID is ITL’s cloud-based software application designed to help
improve availability
and stock accuracy.

Built to work alongside any tag configuration, it can be deployed as part of our end to end RFID solutions or as a standalone turnkey solution.

Why choose ITL


Scalable and Easy to Deploy

Designed to help retail store managers raise the level of inventory accuracy. Reflect is extremely scalable and can be deployed in weeks as an out of the box proof of concept in a single store


Instant Visibility and Improved Accuracy

Reflect provides significant benefits throughout the supply chain and can be adopted in your DC as well as your stores. It validates your goods in and allows accurate booking in procedures once goods are received in the back office.


Seamlessly Integrates

Reflect lies in its cloud structure; therefore doesn’t require heavy investment in IT infrastructure to integrate with your ERP systems.


Rapid Cycle Counts

Deploying Reflect enables daily/weekly stock counting as well as making the process more staff friendly and less time, skill and cost intensive. Counting RFID-enabled stock is proven to be 25 times faster than conventional barcode scanning.

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