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Integrated RFID Solutions

With today’s connected consumer enjoying greater choice and information at their fingertips, now more than ever, retailers need to build robust pricing, product availability and customer experience strategies.

When you know more,
you do more.

Our Integrated RFID Solutions can support you by improving your inventory accuracy, managing price, reducing time at till point, reducing shrinkage and improving customer experience.

With you every step of the way of your RFID Journey


We provide business case & proof of concept to calculate your ROI


Tags & Labels
We provide an extensive range of RFID Tags & Labels in a multitude of formats, for various product applications and with a sustainability option.


Global Capacity
Our global factories offer global print & encoding service bureaus


Inventory Management Software
Our software application ReflectRFID is designed for scalable deployment and out of the box operations.


Data Management Application
ITL’s LabelVantage™ online platform is designed and developed to provide ITL with the competitive edge in delivering label programs fast, reliably and on a global scale.

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