RFID Solutions

With the costs of implementation reducing, the business case for using RFID to improve inventory accuracy and drive on-shelf availability has never been stronger. Utilising technology aimed at speeding up the stock count process and enabling more frequent checking of inventory, RFID is integral to ensuring a retailer has the right items on the shelf and available for sale, wherever and whenever they are required.

ITL has a complete end to end solution to support a customer’s RFID journey including our own, scalable software system called Reflect RFID, a range of standard inlays from the world’s most trusted tag manufacturer, global print and encoding bureaus and a range of professional services that help you make the right decisions about an RFID deployment throughout the entire process.

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Reflect RFID

Scalable and easy to deploy, learn how Reflect’s cloud based software is helping store managers improve their inventory management.

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ITL has a standard range of inlays to support various apparel application challenges as well as the option to customise and design bespoke tags for our customers.

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LabelVantage™ system integration

ITL’s LabelVantage™ system includes full RFID capabilities meaning that we can incorporate your requirements seamlessly and accurately for global print and encoding.

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Global print and encoding bureaus

ITL’s extensive global manufacturing footprint means that we are never far from needlepoint. With print and encoding facilities in each of our locations, see how easy it is for you to incorporate RFID source tagging into your supply chain operations.

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Business Case Planning and Proof of Concept services

Understanding if adopting RFID is the right direction for your business to take requires careful analysis and ROI case building. ITL can help you every step of the way and ensure that your final decision is the right one.

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Professional services

We know that RFID adoption can be challenging so let us help you navigate through the process with our range of professional support services.

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