CSR & Sustainabillity

CSR & Sustainability

As part of our sustainability policy, ITL is committed to minimising our impact on the environment.
This evolving process includes the responsible disposal of waste, efficient use of natural resources and the reduction of raw material wastage in our production processes.

A Sustainable Approach

We are actively engaged in introducing more sustainable solutions to our customers including availability of a wider range of recycled raw materials, pro-active elimination of hazardous finishing processes and continued engagement on value-engineering projects that can deliver reduced cost and impact on our environment.


Recycled polyester:
Recycled polyester yarns are made from reclaimed plastic bottles (post-consumer waste). The bottles are graded, washed, cut into small pieces, then melted down and extruded into new yarn filaments.

  • Reduces energy consumption by 53%
  • Decreases CO2 emissions by 55%

Organic Cotton:
Grown without using harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Sustainable Paper:
We are able to produce with, and encourage the use of sustainable paper and also a range of fully recycled papers for packaging and hang tags.

Water Based Inks:
Better for the environment than the solvent based alternatives and also enable post-production machine clean down with less harmful chemicals, making the whole printing process more green.


is ITL’s award-winning product re-engineering platform. We analyse labelling and packaging to maximise suitability for the customer based on cost, performance and environmental aspects.

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Product Simulations:
LabelView™ is ITL’s bespoke woven label virtual proofing system. Creating realistic and incredibly detailed digital images of woven labels, it helps with brand direction, colour choices and various other aspects of label design before committing to physical sampling for final approval. At concept stage, this solution is capable of greatly reducing the amount of time, energy and materials used in normal sampling processes.

We can also produce highly accurate, animated simulations of printed paper items (packaging, hang tags etc), to give insight into the construction and aesthetics of the items before committing to physical sampling.


Sustainable Production:
We ensure production waste and effluents are responsibly disposed of. Harmful dyes and chemicals are replaced with eco-friendly substitutes. Recycling of all materials.

Sustainable Employees:
Implementing an environmental impact education programme for all employees.

We encourage our customers to:

  • Reduce metal ink coverage to a maximum surface area of 30%.
  • Not exceed the surface area by more than 10% when foil blocking.
  • Use water based lacquer coatings for printed tags in place of the standard varnishing process.
  • For lamination of printed tags, cellulose-based coating should be used.

Ethics and compliance

ITL operates under strict group compliance guidelines and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the authorities wherever we operate. All of our factories adhere to international third party audit expectations and have a zero tolerance policy towards child labour, discrimination and any form of corruption.

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

ITL regularly engages in voluntary social responsibility initiatives within the communities where we operate.

This includes support in building new Schools in areas affected by low education, provision of regular health screenings for those with poor access to medical treatment and funding towards relief projects following natural disasters such as the Sri-Lankan Tsunami in 2004.

Annually, ITL Sri Lanka educates the community, specifically focusing on students, on how to make compost from waste.

More recently, we partnered with Shaun Tomson, former World Champion surfer, to support the work he does with the youth of South Africa and across the world to help inspire them and understand the power they have to create their own future.

“While I am impressed with ITL’s environmental sustainability mission, I am even more excited that we can work together on a social program to help important charities uplift their communities.”

Shaun Tomson, former World Champion surfer

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