Trends and Insights

Trends and insights

Here at ITL, we are passionate about the small things and how they support your brand.

ITLook Volume 2: The Green Edition

ITLook is our magazine that covers a range of topics from success stories, awards and RFID to tips and trends. For ITLook’s second volume, The Green Edition, we focus on sustainability to support our commitment to minimising both ITL and our customers’ impact on the environment.

Discover the stories behind our labels and customers. Read interviews with Fashion influencers and artists. Immerse yourself into the world of ITL.

Your label is your brand, put it in safe hands.

We are passionate about the details and how they support your brand’s story.

Our trends research site In the Details shares the latest trends in garment marketing and emerging ideas in the marketplace, empowering you with inspiration to create new, great and relevant products for your brand. Let’s tell your story seamlessly: get involved, get inspired, get In the Details.

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We offer a wide range of sustainable materials, solutions and processes to minimise our impact on the environment..


Your RFID Journey can be complex and daunting. That’s why you can trust ITL to be with you every step of the way thanks to our experts and 360 RFID solutions.

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