WEBINAR How to unleash RFID: Harnessing the full power of RFID


WEBINAR How to unleash RFID: Harnessing the full power of RFID

Join us May 29th at 10AM BST as our RFID Guru Stewart Plimsoll discusses the 5 ways you can use the power of RFID beyond inventory accuracy.

With today’s connected consumer enjoying greater choice and information at their fingertips, now more than ever, retailers need to build robust pricing, product availability and customer experience strategies.

The vast majority of retailers currently deploying RFID are using it to improve inventory accuracy and drive product availability. What if RFID could also help you manage pricing, reduce time at till point and improve the customer experience?

In this session, we will discuss how RFID goes beyond inventory accuracy and can help you by:

  • Optimising stock rotation
  • Ensuring accurate, up-to-date pricing through Smart Price Labels
  • Speeding up the check-out process
  • Reducing waiting times for click & collect
  • Promoting other items that a customer might like to also buy with what they have chosen
  • Proving if a returned item has been legitimately purchased in the first place

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