Your label is your brand, put it in safe hands


Your label is your brand, put it in safe hands

As fashion retail embraces a new era where every aspect of the supply chain will be scrutinised, it’s essential that ITL’s identity remains both relevant and aligned with the needs of our customers.

And whilst service through agility will always remain at the core of our offer, we recognise that continued success requires the ability to adapt and evolve.

Our decision to re-brand the ITL identity not only reflects the expansion in our scope of products and services but most crucially, our approach to supporting customers achieve their goals and meeting the needs of the wider market.

Whilst the introduction of a new second colour points to a more creative and lively approach and a new logo built from the dots and strokes found in a QR code highlights the importance that technology will play in the new ITL, it is the ‘Intelligent Label Solutions’ tag-line that we hope will resonate with you most.

Rather than following the standard, commoditised service that has become the norm from many suppliers, we are committed to providing a best in class ‘intelligent’ approach to everything that we do – based on expertise and years of technical know-how, ensuring that whatever you want from your labels, we can make it happen.

As we all navigate our way through what is likely to be the most challenging periods in the Fashion Retail industry, we think creativity, innovation and sustainability throughout the supply chain will be core to the success of any fashion brand and our Intelligent Label Solutions encompasses this thinking in everything we do.

Please take a look at our updated website to discover more about the various ways in which we are helping our customers achieve their goals, whether it be trend and insights, product re-engineering or innovative solutions like RFID.

Thank you for your on-going support of ITL. We are proud to be associated with some of the best known brands and businesses in our industry and we are committed to helping you achieve continued success.

Your Label is your brand, put it in safe hands.