Global Apparel Label Solutions

At ITL we never believe a label is just a label. Whether it's helping you to enhance your brand or share information about your products, you can be sure that whatever you want from your labels you can count on us to make it happen.


Trends and Insights

Learn more about how ITL’s ‘In-the-Details’ can help inspire your brand with emerging trends and ideas.

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Concept & Development

ITL’s blend of expertise, practical resources and vertical manufacturing capabilities makes us a perfect partner for your product development requirements.

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Product Engineering

Discover how you can utilise ITL’s Intelligen™ product engineering solutions to ensure your labels and packaging are optimised for performance, cost and environmental impact.

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Managing complex labelling programs calls for a reliable supply chain platform. Discover how LV delivers accuracy, efficiency and visibility at a global level.

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RFID has become a vital tool for retailers looking to improve sales and reduce cost via improved inventory visibility. See how ITL’s end to end RFID solutions can provide significant benefits for your business.

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Brand Protection

From holograms to DNA Applications, ITL offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help protect your brand.

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